March 10, 2017

Terms and Conditions

AJ Clean Team LTD – Terms and Conditions


By hiring a cleaner through AJ Clean you automatically agree to the following terms.
Money owed to AJ Clean must be paid in full within 7 days of receipt of an invoice.
Dissatisfaction with work performed by AJ Clean must be reported (to the agency) within 24 hours of the work being completed.
It is not permitted to independently attempt to hire workers introduced by AJ Clean A service fee of £800 is applicable in such a case.
Our cleaners are covered by public liability insurance for domestic cleaning, and hotels up to a value of £10.000.
Our cleaners are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance, however in the extremely unlikely event of the cleaner(s) causing any damage in your home, in all normal circumstances the agency would cover the cost of the insurance excess.
The client must notify agency within 90 days of notification of despatch, where keys are not collected or retrieved upon signed or registered delivery.
Following inspection and recognition, the agency is not accountable for progression of or result of damage that arises from any relevant inaction or delay on the part of the claimant. Compensation for repairs must be claimed within 90 days of recognition by the agency.
The cleaner must be provided with reasonable equipment for the jobs the client instructs to be completed. (The agency may not be liable for damage caused where a task has been instructed for completion but a reasonably expected sufficient or complete set of equipment or materials have not been made available to manage the task successfully, unless the agency has accepted responsibility to provide materials and equipment.)
If you engage your cleaner after a disengagement, please check with us to ensure she still works through the agency.
We reserve the right to turn down any offer of work that we do not wish to accept for any reason. Our judgement of the validity of damage claims is final unless culpability is reasonably demonstrated.
These terms and conditions may be reasonably altered by us at any time.