March 10, 2017

Service Agreement

AJ Clean Team Customer Service Agreement (the agency) shall provide Domestic Cleaning services to the client which are covered by  Public Liability Insurance. In all normal circumstances, in event of small breakages etc, the agency will cover the cost of the insurance excess.
In the unlikely event of lost keys the agency will cover the cost of emergency lock replacement.
The agency will provide holiday cover where required.
The agency will do its best to provide emergency cover cleaners.
The client shall provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel a clean or take a holiday from regular cleaning.
The client understands that independent hiring or introduction of agency supplied cleaners or cleaners’ representatives (starting from engagement of agency cleaners and extending to a minimum 12 month period after the cessation of the cleaner’s registration with the agency) shall be subject to a penalty of �800 payable to the agency. (ie The customer agrees not to lure or represent the agency cleaners. If you know someone who would like to engage one of our cleaners, please refer them to the agency.)
Engagement of cleaners and use of the agency services indicates understanding of and agreement to these conditions and our Terms without the need for written signatures.

(Signed for the agency by)
A.Refbergs  J.Refberga
Managing Directors
AJ Clean Team LTD

(The client is understood to have agreed to these terms and conditions automatically when s/he engages a cleaner and it is not necessary for a written signature to be supplied all the while this agreement is in public display on this web page.)